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Thorough Dog Grooming

Dawgy Style Groom Shop in Dana Point, California, doesn't just do dog grooming and AKC breed cuts. We are happy to handle dogs with special needs, and will also take your own personal requests for cuts. Please note the average dog should be cleaned every four to six weeks.

All Dog Breeds

Have your dog looking and smelling fresh, and even get a cute seasonal bandana for free on holidays. If your pup has been traumatized elsewhere, our experts know just how to handle the grooming. Prices vary by breed, but all services include:

• Trimming the Nails
• Cleaning the Eyes
• Cleaning the Ears

• A Sanitary Trim
• Anal Gland Expression If Needed
• Bath with Botanical Shampoos

• Brushing
• Haircut as Needed

Pug - Dog GroomingHappy Dog - Dog Grooming

Contact us about making an appointment for either dog grooming.